Sports Vision

What is Sportsvision?

Sportsvision is a professional assessment to improve visual accuracy and the means to provide you with the edge – whatever your sport.

The Examination assesses:

  • Hand/ eye co ordination
  • How the eyes work together
  • Determine which eye is dominant
  • Anticipation skills
  • Eye speed
  • How the eyes work in poor light
  • How coloured lenses enhance your vision
Improves Accuracy with: Sport:
Aim in target shooting Archery, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun & Darts
Potting Skills Snooker & Pool
Catching Football (Goalkeeping), Netball, Rugby & Basketball
Batting consistency Cricket & Tennis
Timing Rowing & Hockey
Putting & Driving Golf
Position Awareness Rugby, Hockey, Football, Cycling, Netball & Basketball
Length & Line Tennis & Bowling

Give yourself the edge – book a Sportsvision assessment

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