Contact Lenses

More than 3 million people in the UK enjoy the many benefits that contact lenses have to offer. As well as the obvious cosmetic advantages, many people actually see better with their contact lenses than they do with their spectacles, as contact lenses provide a more natural form of vision correction. There are also many practical advantages to contact lens wear for sports and recreational use.

There are basically two types of contact lenses available: Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) and Soft.

Remember that contact lenses can only be fitted by or under the supervision of a registered optometrist, qualified contact lens optician or medical practitioner. Regular aftercare check-ups are essential to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and that you are using the best lenses for your particular needs.

Contact lenses, children and teenagers – the facts

Good for young people:

• Positive impact on their confidence and social lives

• Better vision and convenience for sports, where glasses can get lost or broken

• Full-time vision correction and easy to update frequently with changing prescriptions

•Contact lenses are suitable for young people: Children can be just as compliant with wear and care as older wearers.1,2

•Clear instructions can reduce complication risk. There is no greater risk of infection for children and teens.3,4

•Fitting isn’t complicated or time-consuming. There is little difference in chair-time between children and teens.3Teenagers have a similar fitting profile to adults5 and current soft contact lens designs fit their eyes.

•Children learn how to handle contact lenses easily. Age is not a barrier – young people can be both responsible and capable enough.3,6

•Contact lenses need not be an expensive option. Given the significant vision benefits and enhanced quality of life, contact lenses are great value for money6 for young people and most parents will pay for them.


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