Did You Know?

Compulsory Eye Tests for VDU users at work

Legislation from the European Commission (from 1993) has placed responsibilities on employers whose staff use visual display units (VDUs) as part of their job on a regular basis.

These regulations include a full eye examination free of charge when staff begin working with VDUs and at regular intervals thereafter. Employees are also entitled to a free pair of basic spectacles if the test shows that they are required specifically for use at work.

Eye Fatigue – Blue Control

Did you know that 83% of spectacle wearers experience eye discomfort when using digital devices.

LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices all emit blue light, also known as high energy visible light. As the quality of such screens improves continuously, blue light emission is increasing.

We have a lens coating that will help prevent eye fatigue and eye strain. It also has the added benefit of enhanced contrast and the all important reduction of glare. This keeps the eyes in better condition while offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and more natural colour perception.

Glaucoma Awareness Campaign

International Glaucoma Association (IGA) has carried out a survey and found that 18% of over 45’s have not had an eye test in the last five years or not had a test at all.  “Can You See to Drive” has encouraged people to have regular eye health checks to ensure that they are safe to drive.  Particularly important with glaucoma as it has no symptoms in the early stages- something only 24% of the 1,000 over 45’s surveyed knew.  A worrying 6% of men said they had, or nearly had, a car accident owing to their own or someone else’s poor sight.  The IGA highlighted the requirement for people with glaucoma damaged vision to both eyes to report the condition to DVLA.  Survey results showed 5% wouldn’t report glaucoma to the DVLA if advised by a health professional, either because it would stop them from driving, or because they did not think they needed to.

Russell Young CEO of IGA said “The majority of us wouldn’t take our cars on the road without an annual service and MOT yet we are happy to put ourselves behind the wheel without knowing if we can see safely to drive.”


Cassie’s Law

Hundreds of motorists have had their driving licence revoked after failing a roadside eye test since the introduction of Cassie’s Law, which gave police new powers. Figures obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act by the Press Association show that a total of 609 licences have been revoked since the law was established in 2013.

Under the new law, when a police officer believes that the safety of the other road users would be put at risk if a driver with insufficient eye sight remains on the road, they can ask for the licence to be urgently revoked.  There are three levels of revocation under the new system; immediate, within 48 hours and postal.  Figures revealed that since the law was introduced, police forces across the UK have applied 631 times for licences to be revoked based on failure to read number plates and 609 of those applications have been successful.

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